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There seems to be some serious issues with the current entertainment content delivery model. Although technology is booming, very little innovation is taking place in the entertainment content streaming industry to really give consumers what they want. Unlike the gaming industry, delivery of new content, piracy of content, access to content are filled with obstacles. The calcified model of theatrical exhibition and long windows between availability has become a ball and chain around the industry's ankle. The fragmented market is not helping content owners who are fighting for pennies on the dollar from subscription streaming services. Consumers are paying for multiple subscriptions just to get access to proprietary/exclusive shows, curtailed with catalog movies everyone on earth has seen at least twice. Streaming companies are paying top dollar to produce exclusive shows just to keep a headlock on their members. Consumers are cutting the cord from cable providers only to fall into the fragmented subscription trap having to sign up for multiple services to get access while still keeping their internet service from the cable provider. See the picture here? It doesn't make sense and I believe consumers are ready for something new and simply better.

Meet XCINEX... The pay-per-viewer content streaming platform. XCINEX only offers the most current and live contents from around the world streamed directly to the consumer's smart TV. XCINEX provides content owners a secure environment to build their very own store fronts to stream their content and sell tickets per-viewer. They can also offer their fans content downloads, soundtracks, merchandise and more. XCINEX gives them the opportunity to  build a direct relationship with their consumers as well as obtain instant consumer behavior data to offer them the best experience possible. XCINEX's benefits to the consumer are simply revolutionary. Consumers can access the latest content such as musicals, opera shows, theatrical movies, live concerts, sports, seminars, community content and more. The ability to access the most current & live contents from around the world is something no other platform can offer. XCINEX secret sauce is its patented audience confirmation technology that scans the room and facilitates ticket sales per viewer. XCINEX's technology also eradicated content piracy, expands the market and ensures individual viewer revenue for the content owners. To learn more about XCINEX please visit www.xcinex.com.

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XCINEX pioneers the pay-per-viewer premium content streaming technology. Here is a look at the beta UI. Development is going well. By the end of 2017, consumers will have the option to stream theatrical movies, musicals, operas, fashion and comedy shows, seminars, live events, commercial free sports, concerts and more to the comfort of their homes. 

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My of my proudest moments was when I developed the XCINEX Global Entertainment Platform as a result of my passion for movies and engineering alter ego. The art of motion pictures is truly amazing and has moved me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, movies were my escape from the world. As a kid, I can remember one day being Spider Man, the next day Superman and so on. Surely, we can all look back and remember a moment when a movie inspired us, motivated us, made us cry, laugh or even scared. The art of taking a story or an idea and turning into something real with sound and motion has always intrigued me. The power of content; how it shapes cultures, influences lives and changes people has always fascinated me.  Now, with XCINEX, I can give back to this magnificent industry. XCINEX will revolutionize the entertainment industry by eradicating content piracy, providing a level playing field for all studios and giving everyone, no matter where they live, the option to watch the most current content and get lost for a couple of hours in a world of entertainment. My proudest moment will be to see XCINEX become successful and to contribute something positive for the world; to leave a positive legacy behind.