My of my proudest moments was when I developed the XCINEX Global Entertainment Platform as a result of my passion for movies and engineering alter ego. The art of motion pictures is truly amazing and has moved me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, movies were my escape from the world. As a kid, I can remember one day being Spider Man, the next day Superman and so on. Surely, we can all look back and remember a moment when a movie inspired us, motivated us, made us cry, laugh or even scared. The art of taking a story or an idea and turning into something real with sound and motion has always intrigued me. The power of content; how it shapes cultures, influences lives and changes people has always fascinated me.  Now, with XCINEX, I can give back to this magnificent industry. XCINEX will revolutionize the entertainment industry by eradicating content piracy, providing a level playing field for all studios and giving everyone, no matter where they live, the option to watch the most current content and get lost for a couple of hours in a world of entertainment. My proudest moment will be to see XCINEX become successful and to contribute something positive for the world; to leave a positive legacy behind.



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